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Connection Masters

Your connections are your currency-  unfortunately college curriculum and careers share how to be confident in connection building.

Connection Masters is a 1×1 coaching call and monthly access to tools to help you build a networking plan to help you create more business revenue or advance your career.

Included are four 1×1 individual coaching session to help you network, typically conducted over 30 days, a Master Connections e-playbook and an e-copy of The Growth Game.

What you will learn:  How to build a repeatable system to meet the connections you need to meet along with other great networking and key business skills to advance your business or career.

What you will do:  Have your own networking system down and actually make momentum towards getting introduced to the people you need to meet.

Investment:  1,000 for individuals.  Please inquire about business/team rates. 


Do you have employees you wish to professionally develop but do not have a program in place to help them grow?

Your greatest asset is your people-  how are you growing your most important asset?

Most small businesses or start ups haven’t built a dynamic program for their team members to develop as professionals or leaders so they can be as connected and productive as they can.  You likely don’t have the time to build out a program and may not know exactly where to begin.

Our series is designed to help all employees or team members in a professional services company become better leaders, company advocates, networkers and communicators and develop a professional development plan for their growth.

The outcome: 

  • Each participant feeling more connected to the organization and closer to leaders in the organization
  • Greater sense of team and culture
  • Each participant will walk away with their own, customized professional development plan.

With your investment, you will have program (contact us if you’d like a completely customized program)  that you can easily implement with your team members.  All you need to do is block off time with your people (virtually or physically) to help them learn about themselves in a group setting.

Topics and subjects include:

  • Understanding yourself as a leader
  • Master Connections: How everyone in the organization can directly influence company results through networking
  • Communication Builder
  • Building Daily Activities of Development to reach personal and firm goals
  • 360 feedback exercises
  • Professional Development Plan Construction:  The Why, What and How behind every employee having a growth plan


Our program will come with playbooks that you can share with your entire organization, an “easy implementation” facilitator one pager to help you guide a discussion and there will be actionable items for team members to report back on.

Best Practices:

  • Carve out 60 minutes each month, in advance, for your team members to hold for leadership development
  • Spend 60 minutes reviewing the content and facilitator guide prior to hosting session
  • Set up semi-annual reviews to review learned content after program is over


  • Six sessions of content delivered to you that can be shared with your entire firm (approximately 60 minutes each)
  • Easy Implementation Facilitator guide
  • Set up call and email support
  • E-copies of The Growth Game for all team members  (hard copies available at a discounted rate)
  • Also included is six coaching calls with Eddy Ricci for the business owner or critical employee as a competitive advantage