Creative Revenue Generation

We partner with business owners or driven professionals to help them think and act creatively about revenue generation.  This can come in various forms.   

This could be working with an executive to re-imagine a distribution or sales strategy for team members to better connect with consumers and then working with the team to implement.  

This could be working with a  start up to build a business development process and finding the right personnel. 

This could be working with a small business owner who is pulled in many directions and needs leverage to help grow their employees with professional or leadership development.  


Active Recruiting and Search for Talent

The Growth Game, LLC., has ownership interest in The Pontem Group for active recruiting and search.  When it comes time to find the right people for your business, The Pontem Group will bridge talent with opportunity.  The partnership allows us to not only build the growth strategy for your company but also actively find (and then potentially coach) your team members.

Pro-Dev Career Advancement Coaching

The Growth Game Book was built around helping  professionals with networking, building real world business skills and getting out of their comfort zone.  The Growth Game Professional Coaching program will develop a customized development plan for you to change your career trajectory or accelerate business results.  In addition we will help you network to the relationships you need to get to where you want to go.