Consulting Relationships

The Growth Game Book and consulting business started in 2013 as a part-time gig, when Eddy was asked to help a few professionals and entrepreneurs with a networking and business development strategy, based on his experience in talent acquisition and development in financial services. 

Today, Eddy consults with business owners and other driven professionals to help them with leadership development and thinking creatively about revenue generation.  He has helped both pre-revenue & million dollar revenue start up companies, wealth management/financial planning firms and non-profit organizations.

Each client relationship is different but could include re-imagining and building leadership development, creating and facilitating executive study groups and being a sounding board for entrepreneurs focused on revenue generation.  

He has given key-note talks to various organizations on client acquisition, talent acquisition, networking and bringing back human connectivity.  

Also, through The Pontem Group, Eddy can also help you find the right talent to grow your organization.